We are a Berlin music collective focused on American roots music, blues, jazz and swing. The desire to create such a collective was first born in 2013 with the objective of federating energies, following the old adage a rising tide helps all ships.
We promote our own events (jam sessions, concerts, band battles…), keep you informed of the swing music scene, and we also offer music services for event organisers and music professionals to find the perfect line-up.
Work with us to support the Syncopation project!


The Jam Cats Session

The best way to experience our side of jazz is live, and that's precisely why we produce this event in a hidden club of Kreuzberg. Every Tuesday you can enjoy a concert leading to a jam session afterwards, with lots of dancing involved. Our DJs will carefully spin Vinyls to keep the party upbeat, so don’t waist your Tuesday and join the party!

Every Tuesday at 21:15 / Freudenzimmer, Mehringdamm 61.

Cancelled due to the current situation, we are currently working on alternatives.




The Ragtime Nightmare


The Syncopation Society Orchestra


The Jungle Jazz Band


The Rufus Temple Orchestra


The Goodnight Circus



Event curation

Do you need a hot band? Some dancers? A music or a dance workshop? We provide booking services for clubs, parties, festivals, private and corporate events.

Music production

You are a media professional and need a music score in a particular old style? We can do the job teaming up with dedicated recording studios and engineers.


As a band, booker or any professional seeking opportunities to play in Berlin, we can introduce you to the scene!


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events and clients we've worked with.

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We build new connections between bands, curate musical content and produce original music.
You want to hire our talents? Collaborate? We look forward to hearing from you!


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