New-Orleans music workshop at the Altitude Jazz Festival

Florent News

Some members of Haferflocken Swingers are having a fresh start under a new flag: The Blue Mingos are now on their way to France.. “This new combo is picking up where we left off with Haferflocken, but of course we all had a lot of side projects the past years and broaden our horizon.” explains Andrea Roberts, front woman & singer in the Blue Mingos and Dirty Honkers. Their first show at the Altitude Jazz fest was a smashing hit and Johannes Hagenloch (bass) and some of the musicians took part in a workshop designed for adults and children interested in learning more about Marching Band music from New Orleans. The workshop took place in the main Theater in Briançon and performed at the closing night of the festival.

Special recognition should be given to the organizers of the Altitude Jazz festival for their ambitious show locations and ability to bring a community of people together of all ages. Jazz music was originally rooted in communities, it is played on the streets as much as in clubs or on festival stages. The Altitude Jazz festival is remarkably versatile in that sense and works in close relation with the surrounding infrastructures to give jazz a broader meaning to the locals and the lucky passer-by.

Besides the main concerts, people had a chance to witness the participants of the workshop performing on the top of a mountain, or in the public hot baths of the city wearing swimming trunks and suspenders. The organizers brought their creativity far beyond the edge of the stage. A great example for all music educators and festival organizers to create a space where musicians and amateurs can truly learn from each other, and have an amazing and unique experience.