Kulture – und Kreativpiloten

Florent News

We are passionate about jazz and the brilliant culture built around it. Many of us have been playing it for years and now we are threatened to see this art form slowly fade to finally disappear.

We want to pass on this love for the music and want to find ways to keep the music playing. That’s why we’ve applied to the program Kreativpiloten program. This will allow the collective to benefit from the help of 2 mentors and a network of cultural actors all over Germany.

We are currently working on different projects in social centres, but also for quality live streams, pedagogical actions around Early jazz (workshops and why not individual classes, theory etc..) and also a partnership with record label Sungroove Record to set up distribution and promotion services specialised in the genre we’ve been promoting so far.

So if you want to support this initiative please take a few minutes to vote for our candidature, and write us if you want to get involved at contact(a)syncopation.de