The Goodnight Circus

From the heart of Berlin 1920's ragtime revival, The Goodnight Circus brings you New Orleans Jazz, Gypsy, Swing, Balkan along with fine original tunes soaked in old time circus-style.

This band is a tireless, animated ball-of-fire that started off cycling around the world in the early 2000's and now inspires even the tamest of audience members to throw off their hats to get up and dance.

With a variety of styles that appeal to all the six senses, we promise a night to remember that will undoubtedly leave you wanting to run away and join the circus.

Founded in 2011 out of the budding 1920s music scene of Kreuzberg, the Goodnight Circus began as the pre-eminent swing-dance band of Berlin. After cutting their teeth in the underground Berlin scene, they began touring: Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Poland, and Switzerland. In 2013 they released their second record, of original compositions, with a darker and more eastern feel. In 2014 they were showcased in an ARTE documentary about the Weimar Revival scene in Berlin. They are currently working on a 45 rpm vinyl release, and recording new songs for an upcoming full length record.