Lord Youth
Lord Youth is the songwriting project of Micah Blaichman from Queens, NY. Lord Youth began as a recording project in the summer of 2013 at producer Anders Christophersen’s studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio was located in an attic from 1865, that had previously been the home for thousands of the city’s pigeons. Tracking was done on analog tape in a wood-paneled room either very early in the morning or very late at night. Sometimes with a full band and sometimes solo. The result was put aside and will be released some day soon. Over the next few years, Lord Youth performed live as a band at venues and select festivals in America and Europe. After the city of Copenhagen decided to tear down the studio’s building to make way for a school, Blaichman and Christophersen built a new studio in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2014. The building had once housed a blacksmith’s workshop. The upcoming EP, Lord Youth, was recorded over that summer, in sessions that were as methodical as they were experimental. It’s sound was greatly influenced by the mid-summer purchase of a Chilton Talentmaker, an optical-disk keyboard that was a copyright-infringing counterfeit of Mattel’s Optigan Organ. Another inspiration was a large stained-glass window that bathed the studio in reds and greens and blues. Other inspirations were Skip James, the kraut-rock band CAN’s record Ege Bamyasi, and the writings of William Vollmann. "...clever brand of folk noir. Micah Blaichman - the eponymous lord of the manor - has a detached drawl and an eye for fleeting moments of cinematic drama, ultimately coming off like an arch hipster cousin to his namesake, Micah P. Hinson. Call it New York postmodernism or simply imaginative projection, but Blaichman carves out an intriguing artistic niche for himself..." - Chris Carter/Rock'n'Reel, UK