Whisky Soda

Whisky-Soda-2016-webWhisky Soda (Syncopation Society/BerlinJazz) is a medley of some of the finest players out in Berlin, Florent Mannant (ts) and Flocko Motion (b) were both part of the Haferflcoken Swingers and have been involved in countless bands here in Berlin (Dirty Honkers, Skazka Orchestra, Dizzy Birds..). Carlos the Mad Moustache on the trombone and piano plays in practically every bands of Neukölln and so does Laurin Ha (Old Fish Jazz Band) who moved from playing clarinet to Bariton sax where his sound is a perfect match for Rhythm and Blues. Finally Ben Anderson (dr) brings a fresh touch which he has been developing with many bands in Berlin and most recently within the Neukölln Country Club. This fine bunch won’t leave you any choice but to sweat and stomp to their raging blend of 50′s music.

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