Deejaying takes more than spinning good records. The few DJs we represent are highly skilled professionals, with an extensive network and a track record to show it.


Don Rogall

Within 3 decades, Rogall established himself as a major figure of the Berlin vintage music scene as DJ and producer. “He’s one of the best Djs in town” – Tip Magazine Berlin wrote, already in 1996. He collaborates with many artists and performers (Sonar Kollektiv, Tony Allen, Earl Zinger to only name a few). Rogall runs a regular night, The Hoochie Koo, which involves early RocknRoll, Burlesque and Gogo dancing.

We recommend to have a browse at the official page for an extensive overview of this remarkable work –


Cup of Jazz

Cup of Jazz often combines Electro with vintage influences such as Swing and Latin Jazz, calling his style ‘Jazzylectro’ – kickin’ beats from HipHop to House and Drum’n’Bass, mixed with delicious jazzy vibes. At Berlin Swing events he creates a set with BigBand-Swing bombs, Dixieland and Charleston rockers. As a journalist for different newspapers he regularly interviews celebrities, djs and producers of the music he’s got in his record bag.

© Photo by David Paenson

Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose DJ’ing in shabby places since 1998. Owned, managed, booked and DJ’ed (at) a Berlin Club called Lovelite 1999 – 2009. Co-hosted a swingy party series called Salon Obskur 2008 – 2015. Today’s favourite DJ’ing places: Villa Neukölln + Die Blaue Stunde Berlin where swing dancers appreciate Vinyl. Juggling with all kinds of Jazz styles from tasty to nasty as long as they’re on Vinyl and having the right tempo for a happy feetwarming.

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