The Syncopation Society organises a weekly event every Tuesdays at the Dance club FREUDENZIMMER called the Jam Cats live Session.


The goal is for everyone to have fun, dancers and musicians alike. The stage is open for early Jazz, Jive, Swing, RnB, and other fun styles to dance to. The jam is run by members of the Syncopation Society to ensure that the party flows, allowing everyone to dance, or to simply sit back and enjoy the music. 

There’s a restriction on drums, for now, no kick is allowed, so it's going to be a speakeasy-style instrumentation. There's a piano on the stage. If you want to get up and play, let one of the musicians know your name and instrument and you will be given a turn. 

5€ - 10€ sliding scale - Pay 5 if you're low on cash, or 10 if you got money to flash. Free for musicians. One drink on the house if you play.

No pre-sale.

Mehringdamm 61 – Enter the courtyard and take the last stairs on the right. Go up the second floor, it's on the left.