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Music bands


Dizzy Birds

One of Europe’s most acclaimed and talented hot jazz band.


Meschyia Lake

She’s a major figure of the New Orleans Jazz scene and beyond.


Dirty Honkers

They have been coined electro swing, rave jazz, swing tech and then some. Watch out for their catchy hooks and heavy electronic beats.


The California Feetwarmers

Based in L.A. they got a Grammys nomination.

Lord Youth

"Call it New York postmodernism or simply imaginative projection, but Blaichman carves out an intriguing artistic niche for himself..."
Rock'n'Reel, UK

The songwriting project of N.Y. based musician Micah Blaichman who spent years playing junk cabaret in Berlin (Cowboy Killers, Tik Tok laboratories). Lord Youth leans towards cinematic psych pop noir with a definite affect for rough blues.

Susanna Berivan

"This lady has it all. Style, grace, musical talent, a beautiful voice to fall in love with and a face to match."
Dossier Magazine

Berivan is a singer from Berlin carrying the rough style of the sweet 60’s into free tales of modern existence. Spinning her stories through the tip of her fingers, she will keep you on your toes until the very last note.

The Musicomaniacs

This band is a masterful demonstration of how to play old jazz with both feeling and musicality. Their first and ambitious 20’s jazz repertoire is based on the work of John Kirby.

Whisky Soda

A cocktail of some of the finest players out in Berlin and founded by saxofonist Florent Mannant in 2013. This fine bunch won’t leave you any choice but to sweat and stomp to a raging blend of Rhythm’n Blues, Jazz and many other well crafted styles. Drink chilled.

The Ragtime Nightmare

Formed on the streets and refined in the smokey bars and living-rooms of Berlin, these boys have made a heady spicy brew from the sounds of the old ragtime string bands, the hot New Orleans brass jazz bands, the bluesy southern jug bands and the stomping western swing groups.

The Blue Mingos

A French-Berlin band springing from a collaboration with street theatre company Le Caramantran. They merge different styles such as Rhythm & Blues, Swing and Mambo.


Old Fish Jazz Band

These boys were the first to recreate the traditional sound of New Orleans in Berlin back in 2010.


Les Haferflocken Swingers

The band that started the troubles in the early 2000’s with a blend of swing and punk attitude.

And so many others…




Don Rogall

In 3 decades, Rogall established himself as a major figure of the Berlin vintage music scene as DJ and producer . “He’s one of the best Djs in town” – Tip Magazine Berlin wrote, already in 1996. He collaborates with  many artists and performers (Sonar Kollektiv, Tony Allen, Earl Zinger to only name a few).  Rogall runs a regular night, The Hoochie Koo, which involves early RocknRoll, Burlesque and Gogo dancing.

We recommend to have a browse at the official page for an extensive overview of this remarkable work –


Cup of Jazz

Cup of Jazz often combines Electro sounds whith those from the eras of Swing and Latin Jazz, calling his style ‘Jazzylectro’ – kickin’ beats from HipHop to House and Drum’n’Bass, mixed with delicious jazzy vibes. At Berlin Swing events he creates a set with BigBand-Swing bombs, Dixieland and Charleston rockers. As a journalist for different newspapers he regurlarly interviews celebrities, djs and producers of the music he’s got in his record bag.

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Special acts

Berlin Belles

This new dance revue carry the aesthetics of the “Wilde Zwanzig” with a beautiful show.

Living Cartoon Duet

Living Cartoon Duet (Camille Phelep & Sophie Lavallée)is a very unique and creative audio-visual project. Together they overdubs old cartoons live with humour and an amazing precision.

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