BOOK a band with us

A good event NEEDS a good band

Swing and early jazz are wonderful styles that fit many different situations. It creates a warm atmosphere and is suitable for dances, balls, weddings, opening parties, festivals, corporate events, garden parties, birthday parties, etc. We also work with performing artists, MCs and guest musicians who can enrich your guest’s experience.

We have HANDS-ON experience

Having worked in the event industry for over a decade and organised our own events and festivals, we know what it takes to bring live music and entertainment to your event. We can help you find the right option and advise on the practical aspects of your event depending on the situation.

You SUPPORT the artists and our work

The bands of the collective are dedicated artists and booking them is the best thing you can do to support our music scene. The whole of the Syncopation Society is appreciative of your support.

Bring some HOT JAZZ to your event!

The bands below are located in Berlin. If you need help or have special wishes please contact us
and we will assist you with availabilities, conditions, etc.