The Time Rag Department

The Time Rag Department is an establishment of the Berlin Hot-jazz scene, with regular appearances at the notorious Villa Neukölln and Speiches Blues Kneipe. Anton Wunderlich is a powerhouse of an artist who plays trombone like a devil and sings from the bottom of his heart always moving even the most reluctant audience. This band is like a powerful steamboat churning down the Mississippi river. Its unique formation features the feisty soprano saxophone of Sofiane Atta and his reed counterpart Christoph Klan who account for the buzzing sound of the front-liners. As for the rhythm, it is steadily carried out by a lush section of string instruments namely banjo, guitar and double bass. Their dense and dynamic sound largely compensate for the absence of actual drums. Having played countless concerts, public and private, they have built an extensive repertoire over the years spanning from early ragtime to more sophisticated jazz tunes.

Sofiane Atta – soprano saxophone, clarinet & vocals
Christoph Klan – clarinet, Alto Sax & vocals
Anton Wunderlich – trombone, piano & vocals
Edouard Robert – banjo & vocals
Maximilian Keitel – guitar
Matthieu Baud – double bass