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June 2024

  • 02.06. – Rufus Temple Orchestra – Trio, SWING im bloc, auf dem Sonnendeck des in Eberswalde Link
  • 04.06. – Suits Playground, Bellmer
  • 05.06. – Suits Playground, Rotbart
  • 07.06. – Ghost Of A Chance, Villa Neukölln Link
  • 09.06. – Jazz am Kaisersteg – Ragtime Nightmare Link
  • 11.06. – The Big Five, Renate
  • 12.06. – Fede Zaltron & Band, Rotbart
  • 13.06. – Stringband Lowdown, Yorckschlösschen
  • 19.06. – Frog & Henry, Zürich
  • 20-29.06. – The Jungle Jazz Band, Jazz in Ascona w/ Meschiya Lake Link
  • 20-30.06. – Frog & Henry, Ascona Jazz Festival
  • 21.06. – The Big Five, Yorckschlösschen
  • 21.06.– Toolbox Orchestra, Frannz Club for Fête de la Musique Link


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Music Scores

With the Early Jazz Archive, you will discover transcriptions of arrangements for orchestra, front-liners, and big bands from the early era of jazz music to the 1930s.

Syncopated Sisters Podcast

A show dedicated to female musicians, composers and producers and their impact in the early days of jazz music. Listen here or on Spotify.

Latest News

  • “AYS?!” is turning 3!

    “AYS?!” is turning 3! This Festival was made possible by the Swinging Europe network, an initiative to promote swing culture, dance and music on a European level.Now more than ever we support an inclusive Europe and promote this great project – Look it up. This project is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission. 
  • The Berlin Xperience

    This March, the Syncopation Society welcomes the Xperience to Berlin! An event created by Rémy Kouakou Kouame where different street dance communities come together to share and learn from each other.
  • AYS?! 2023 – Press Release

    Again this fall “Are You Syncopated?!” will celebrate the diversity of the swing with a rich program of music, dance, and discussion.
  • The first Syncopated Sisters residency!

    A residency for female musicians in Berlin dedicated to early jazz, swing, and the importance of female musicians and composers.
  • Meschiya Lake & The New Movement

    The album has been acclaimed received from the German press ( Jazzstetik rated the album ★★★★☆, WESTZEIT and Zeitzeichen have been particularly enthusiastic about the album complimenting both the performance and the song curation)


& event curation

We organise jam sessions and concerts. We provide the same booking services for clubs, parties, festivals, private and corporate events.

Music production
& distribution

We have access to recording studios and professional engineers to produce music. We then work closely with Sungroove Records to bring out and promote new releases.

Music education
& social projects

We are seeking to introduce early jazz to everyone, including children and teenagers. We also offer tutorials and music lessons in old-time jazz with musicians from our scene.

About us

The Syncopation Society is a music collective that identifies with a new movement focusing on early American music such as swing, hot jazz, and blues. We organise the “Are You Syncopated” festival, jam sessions, and concerts. We also produce content and release music with other partners and for clients.

We believe that jazz, and all music derived from blues, has its roots in, and is indeed the creation of, African-American culture. As musicians, we deeply feel the need to give recognition to the creators of the music we perform, the world they lived in, and the struggles they faced personally and professionally due to systemic racism.


Nina Thaler

Jazz singer and teacher, Nina is responsible for the administration and public institutions. She also focuses on gender and diversity in Jazz in the Syncopation Society.

François Perdriau

Double bass player and drummer in early jazz, François coordinates all the projects. He’s also lead producer at the Nadanadi Studio and leading the Syncopation Society Orchestra.

Florent Mannant

Florent is a versatile saxophonist and clarinettist who federates the scene. He takes care of the mediation and overall communication of the Syncopation Society.