Who we are

In the early 2000s, the landscape of the Berlin underground was brash and broad. New generations of swing bands came on the scene, springing from the street and squat culture. These bands have been nourishing a young swing dance scene over the years, now part of a worldwide trend. The Syncopation Society is the music collective of that new movement, focusing on early American music such as swing, hot jazz, and blues with connexions in both Europe and the U.S, particularly in New Orleans.

In that respect, we want to honor the Afro-American people for carrying on their art and culture through times of great hardship. We are forever in your debt. As musicians, we deeply feel the need to educate, learn, listen, and give credit to the forbearers of jazz. We support the scene in different ways that all lead back to our dedication to early jazz and subsequent genres.

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What we do

Booking & event curation

We organise jam sessions and concerts. We provide the same booking services for clubs, parties, festivals, private and corporate events.

Music production & distribution

We have access to recording studios and professional engineers to produce music. We then work closely with Sungroove Records to bring out and promote new releases.

Music education & social projects

We are seeking to introduce early jazz to everyone, including children and teenagers. We also offer tutorials and music lessons in old-time jazz with musicians from our scene.


Nina Thaler

Jazz singer and teacher, Nina is responsible for the administration and public institutions. She also focuses on gender and diversity in Jazz in the Syncopation Society.

François Perdriau

Double bass player and drummer in early jazz, François coordinates all the projects. He’s also lead producer at the Nadanadi Studio and leading the Syncopation Society Orchestra.

Florent Mannant

Florent is a versatile saxophonist and clarinetist who federates the scene. He takes care of the mediation and overall communication of the Syncopation Society.