“That’s my Jam”, a workshop & jam for beginners.

That’s My Jam” combines music classes and guided jam sessions. It is designed with an open-level approach, so if you are new to playing old-time jazz this is a great entry point. And even if you have some experience already you will benefit from being able to dig deeper into the music in a supportive environment.

A session consists of a 1.5-hour class followed by an open and guided jam session. Each class builds on the previous one, so it is designed as a monthly block, providing a comprehensive and ongoing learning experience with music resources.


19:00 – 20:00 Workshop
20:00 – 21:30 Guided jam

Class content:

There will be a repertoire of songs provided at the beginning of the month. Each session will take the form of an exchange with a professional musician. He/she will offer his/her perspective on the style and share some theoretical and practical insights. Each person has a style, so you should expect very different approaches. You’ll touch on topics such as rhythms, chord progressions, techniques, musical awareness and everything that makes these genres so exciting and fun to play.

Do I need prior experience to join?

We recommend having a basic understanding of your instrument, but since learning music is such an individual process, we believe you can start your learning journey here. You can already improvise with one note!

Do I need to bring my instrument?

Yes, and there is a piano in the room.


Reduced price

Regular price

Supporter price

* inkl. MwSt. The workshop has to be paid upfront.
The price is set on a sliding scale to allow for different financial situations.


To register, simply send an email to registration@syncopation.de, specifying “That’s My Jam” in the description.
We’ll send you a confirmation email with more information on how to pay and what to prepare for each session.