The Ragtime Nightmare

The Ragtime Nightmare is the 6-piece string-and-brass dance-band of your wildest dreams! They feature a delicate melody and driving rhythm that has consistently driven audiences mad with excitement. Unlike other hot-dance bands The Ragtime Nightmare keep a strong emphasis on strings with banjos, guitar and fiddles, but are underpinned by the crooning barrel-house vocals of founder Jack B. Latimer. As well as holding a strong background in roots and folk music, they also have a nack for finding forgotten jazz, misplaced blues and neglected rags. Although based in Berlin, these boys play songs from way down the dirt road of early recorded music history, from the ragged strains of Scott Joplin and Jimmie Noone to the stomping syncopations of the Memphis Jug Band and Ma Rainey. In 2019 they released their first record ‘That Nasty Swing’ and are planning another for 2021.

Jack B Latimer – vocals, guitar
Craig Judelman 
– fiddle, vocals
Raffee Cataldo 
– fiddle
Edouard Robert
– banjo
Laurin Habert 
– clarinet, alto & bariton saxophone
Jack Butler 
– tuba