Die Railers

Die Railers is formed by Matthias Baldwin, who’s namesake coincidently was one of the most important steam train manufacturers in America during the 19th century, had the vision to create this band in 2017 and brought the different members together. The band name mainly stands for a sense of life, this feeling that overcomes you whilst being on a train journey, watching the countryside pass by and the worries of everyday life slowly diminishing with every Kilometer.

Listening to the intricate arrangements of Die Railers reveals that groups such as “The Mills Brothers”, “The Cats And Fiddle” and “The Carter Family” have majorly influenced their music. The warm clarity of their songs create an intimate listening experience which mesmerises every audiences. In the summer of 2019, Die Railers recorded their first album “Tales from the Rails”, which was released with the Syncopation Society in spring 2020.

Matthias Baldwin – guitar, vocals
Christoph Klan – clarinet, vocals
Friedrich Bassarak – akkordeon, vocals
Johannes Hannekamp – doublebass, vocals