The Syncopation Society Orchestra

The Syncopation Society Orchestra (SSO for short) is a super-band comprising members of almost every band in the Syncopation Society, meaning they are all active in the traditional European jazz scene and have a deep knowledge of this music. The ensemble focuses on the highly danceable music played by the very first Big Bands starting in the mid-1920s. There are only a few large ensembles throughout Europe dedicated to reviving the arrangements of these jazz ensembles. Thanks to the transcriptions of Claus Jacobi, the orchestra plays a selected repertoire that includes Fletcher Henderson, King Oliver, Luis Russell Orchestra, Paul Howard and more. The SSO is recording its first album for the release of the musical show “Elli et les Roarin’ 20”.

Note: the arrangements played by the SSO is available in music scores to all Syncopation members here.

Johannes Böhmer / Hippolyte Fèvre – trumpet 
Laurent Humeau – trumpet 
Anton Wunderlich –  trombone, vocals
Eldar Tsalikov / Bastian Duncker – alto saxophone & clarinet 
Laurin Habert – alto saxophone & clarinet 
Florent Mannant / Claus Jacobi – tenor saxophone & clarinet 
Carlos Santana / Camille Phelep – piano & vocals
Jack B. Latimer – guitar & vocals
Katharina von Fintel / Edouard Robert – banjo
Nikolai Scharnofske / Jack Butler – sousaphone
François Perdriau – drums 
Claus Jacobi – transcriptions & arrangements