The Hot Club of Berlin

The Hot Club of Berlin gathers the finest musicians in Berlin for this style, musicians known internationally on the scene and have spent most of their musical career focusing on perfecting the craft of this music. They have performed several times during the 2020 and 2021 in venues all around Germany.

Thomas Dekas and Francisco Batista on Guitars, Daniel Weltlinger on Violin, and Martin Buhl on Double Bass. Together they portray the nuances of this European style of jazz music, recreating the original and challenging arrangements that Django Reinhardt played with his Hot Club of France in the 1930s.

The repertoire goes from the beautiful slow ballads, fast swing classics, to the intricate and impressive compositions from the creator of this distinctive style of music.

Francisco Batista – Guitar
Thomas Dekas – Guitar
Daniel Weltinger – Violin
Martin Buhl – Double bass

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