Toolbox Orchestra

The Toolbox Orchestra is an exotic one-in-a-million-band, even for their notorious adopted home town Berlin: They are an all-female band and originally started out on instruments straight from the workshop like singing saw and washtub bass. Completed by banjo, guitar, trumpet and clarinet they weave an earthy and unique sound very close to the roots of the music they chose as their playground: the music of the 20’s and early 30’s. 
They are not only playing, they are happening. And they did so in concert with international Jazz star-singer Meschiya Lake, on various Swing Dance Festivals in Germany and beyond and at the Berlin Short film festival Interfilm 2020.

Katharina Wegner – trumpet
Beatrice Jugert
– singing saw & washboard bass
Katharina von Fintel
– banjo
Giedre Paplaityte
– double bass & washtub
Andrea „Emma“ Schwemmer
– clarinet
Andrea Ramirez
– guitar