Teachers from the
Syncopation Society

Below is a list of Syncopation Society musicians available for lessons in Berlin or online.

Contact: edu@syncopation.de

Laurin Habert

Laurin Habert has been roaming the old jazz scene as he came to Berlin back in 2009. He previously extensively trained different repertoire for the clarinet, especially eastern European music.

Carlos Santana

Carlos is a prolific artist who dwells in a gigantic and strange universe but when it comes to old jazz, he can bring a lot to the table. He is masterful on both trombone and piano and can help with experience and patience.

Eldar Tsalikov

Jazz is Dead, and it’s Eldar Tsalikov who killed it. One story is that Eldar acts as a time portal to the old jazz that seems to flow naturally through him. He is known for playing the Albert system clarinet traditionally used in early jazz and alto saxophone but don’t be fooled, this man is pure music.