Florent Mannant

musician, producer and creative director

Florent moved to Berlin from his city of Bordeaux and has been a driving force in several successful projects including the Electro Band Dirty Honkers, and collaborations with producers such as Alle Farben, Wolfgang Lohr, Tinush, and Alice Francis, to name a few. He has performed in over 20 countries with bands of his own such as Dirty Honkers. As a manager and product developer he conceptualizes and creates visual content from video editing to entire websites with one ambition: convey artistic value by the means of digital medium. He is now starting a new agency based in Berlin aiming to promote the local flourishing swing scene on an international level.

Florent has been pursuing a musical career on the front and back end of the industry providing him with international collaborations with institutions such as the Berlin Music Commission, and labels such as Motor, Banzai Lab, Kallias, and Flak Records. Booking agencies such as Thammtaion Music, Patchanka Booking and others.

As a manager and product developer, Florent specializes in creating visual content, from video editing to website design, with a singular goal of conveying artistic value through the digital medium.


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