Enjoy Yourself (It’s later than you think)” is the first single announcing Meschiya Lake’s upcoming album “Looking the World Over” (Release 06.05.2022 via Sungroove Records & Syncopation Society). Ms. Lake is coming out of the pandemic with a sunny song and presents a new facet of her repertoire. The upbeat Rocksteady-inspired tune features a marvellous constellation of musicians based in Berlin and hold strong promises for the album! The whole thing was in the works already in 2019 well before the catastrophic collapse of live music, the Black Lives Matter movement and the current war in Ukraine. Lots have since changed… Yet this song holds a peculiar significance and resonates with our times, perhaps even more so than as initially intended.

Have a listen on Sungroove Records website: https://sungroove.de/single-meschiya-enjoy-yourself

and everywhere: https://bfan.link/enjoy-yourself

Claus Jacobi’s Music Scores.

We have the great pleasure and privilege of making available to you a vast collection of transcriptions by world-renowned traditional jazz specialist, Dr. Claus Jacobi.

Dr. Jacobi and us share the idea of transmitting this music and he graciously allows us to put his transcriptions online on our website. Nearly 700 titles from the early days of jazz will be available and they will present all kinds of instrumentations ranging from 3 front-liners to big-band arrangements. This work of a lifetime covers almost all the titles that make up the richness of this extensive repertoire.

We will regularly add new music to the page and for now, you can find transcriptions for about 30 songs from the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band, and the New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

Please note that this invaluable resource is reserved to members only. Join the Society by creating an account to access the files. We also invite you to make a donation allowing us to finance the downloading setup and the maintenance of this treasure.

Have fun browsing! – www.syncopation.de/music-scores

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Swing made in Berlin vol.1

The title says it all. Yes! We bring you a new compilation presenting the vivid scene of our buzzing city. You’ll hear these same very notes around Berlin in the many spots dedicated to jazz and swing.

Enjoy these tunes as a testimony of the life of jazz musicians living right here, right now. Buying our music is certainly the greatest thing you can do to support us. Play it in your living room or on a dance-floor, just play it LOUD!