Meschiya Lake & The New Movement: Looking the World Over.

NEWS | Meschiya is coming for one concert with The New Movement Fr. 30. Sept. at Are You Syncopated?! 2022 in Ballhaus Prinzenallee, Berlin.

Meschiya Lake’s new album “Looking the World Over” is the second collaborative release between Sungroove Records & the Syncopation Society. It has been guarded in the safe for two long years until she teamed up with François Perdriau to complete the process that stopped with the Pandemic, well before the catastrophic collapse of live music, the Black Lives Matter movement and the war in Ukraine. Lots have changed… Yet this album holds a peculiar significance and resonates with our times, perhaps even more so than as initially intended.

The album has been acclaimed received from the German press ( Jazzstetik rated the album ★★★★☆, WESTZEIT and Zeitzeichen have been particularly enthusiastic about the album complimenting both the performance and the song curation). The main songs of the album have also been featured on RBB online, SWR2, Hr2 Kultur, SR2 Kulturradio.

The album is now available on CD, Vinyl and on all music platforms. Purchase from the source in Europe at or on Bandcamp.


Are You Syncopated?! 2022

Four grand nights of music and dance in the realm of early jazz! Discover our scene in the greatest respect and acknowledgment of the African-American cultural heritage. This will be the great event of 2022 you don’t want to miss from 29. Sept to 2. Oct.

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What you can expect:

⚜️ 4 buzzing parties with bands, DJs, and surprises!

⚜️ Music workshops with professional musicians

⚜️ Panels with specialists

⚜️ Jam sessions with SyS bands

⚜️ Dance tasters from guest teachers

⚜️ Awesome daytime activities

We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community! In line with our code of conduct, we are committed to the inclusion of all people, LGBT+, BIPOC, where respect, kindness, and empathy prevail. MORE SOON!

This festival is part of the project Swinging Europe. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

Syncopation Society Orchestra at Fête de la Musique 2021

Life is coming back to Berlin with lots of spontaneous action outside. The city remains however cautious and has set up a giant website to stream the gazillion of concerts happening on the 21st June. We applied and got accepted!

The concert will take place in Altglienike and you can stream it live on the official fetedelamusique website at 16:00 (here’s the FB event). This will close the first half of the BackBeat Jazz Academy project to bring a big finale while showcasing a full Big Band in action.

We also want to draw attention to the #musikmöglichmachen campaign which will collect donations to support different music projects in Berlin that are currently calling for support. If you wish to support us on that day, then here’s the link:

Claus Jacobi’s Music Scores.

We have the great pleasure and privilege of making available to you a vast collection of transcriptions by world-renowned traditional jazz specialist, Dr. Claus Jacobi.

Dr. Jacobi and us share the idea of transmitting this music and he graciously allows us to put his transcriptions online on our website. Nearly 700 titles from the early days of jazz will be available and they will present all kinds of instrumentations ranging from 3 front-liners to big-band arrangements. This work of a lifetime covers almost all the titles that make up the richness of this extensive repertoire.

We will regularly add new music to the page and for now, you can find transcriptions for about 30 songs from the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band, and the New Orleans Rhythm Kings.

Please note that this invaluable resource is reserved to members only. Join the Society by creating an account to access the files. We also invite you to make a donation allowing us to finance the downloading setup and the maintenance of this treasure.

Have fun browsing! –

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