Planning an event? A music workshop in New Orleans Jazz? We can provide live bands… and good advices!


Music bands

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The Jungle Jazz Band

From the heart of the wilderness comes a deep and lively sound… Get ready for these swing animals.


The Rufus Temple Orchestra

One lady and five gentlemen deliver authentic vintage sound, exquisite 1920’s aesthetics and joyous vibes.


Dirty Honkers

They have been coined electro swing, rave jazz, swing tech and then some. This is Futuristic swing.


The Goodnight Circus

A tireless, animated ball-of-fire that inspires even the tamest of audience members
to throw off their hats and dance.


The Ragtime Nightmare

They play forgotten jazz, misplaced blues and they resurrect that very sound with passion and style…


The Musicomaniacs

The ultimate combination of technical virtuosity, familiar melodies, and tight rhythms…


The Swingboppers

Kings of the north. This big family has been swinging Berlin since the early 2000 and keep it up!


Die Railers

This Exciting quartet distinguish itself with the use of accordeon and nifty vocal arrangements.

Lord Youth

"Call it New York postmodernism or simply imaginative projection, but Blaichman carves out an intriguing artistic niche for himself..."
Rock'n'Reel, UK

The songwriting project of N.Y. based musician Micah Blaichman who spent years playing junk cabaret in Berlin (Cowboy Killers, Tik Tok laboratories). Lord Youth leans towards cinematic psych pop noir with a definite affect for rough blues.

Susanna Berivan

"This lady has it all. Style, grace, musical talent, a beautiful voice to fall in love with and a face to match."
Dossier Magazine

Berivan is a singer from Berlin carrying the rough style of the sweet 60’s into free tales of modern existence. Spinning her stories through the tip of her fingers, she will keep you on your toes until the very last note.

Whisky Soda

Whisky Soda is a cocktail of some of the finest players out in Berlin and founded by saxofonist Florent Mannant in 2013. This fine bunch won’t leave you any choice but to sweat and stomp to a raging blend of Rhythm’n Blues, Jazz and many other well crafted styles. Drink chilled.

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